Friday, November 15, 2013

UFC 167 Picks and Progostications: DC Grappling Road Trip!

I'm headed up to DC for the weekend to see some friends/fellow Jiu-Jitsu enthusiasts. Looking forward to training at Yamasaki Academy. That being said, I'll actually get to see the GSP/Hendricks fight as it happens rather than sit on my phone at my second job and avoid my facebook newsfeed along with Instagram and all over social media outlets until I watch the fights the following day.
My picks and prognostications for the event that is UFC 167:

GSP by 4th round TKO/stoppage as GSP breaks him down and Hendricks grows weary and frustrated. 
Rashad picks the slow and plodding Chael apart with speed and circular movement.
Robbie Lawler upsets Rory McDonald. Some point out Robbie's feasting on Voelker, well, I submit that Rory hasn't done much other than batter a never really was a 170 lb welterweight BJ Penn, and didn't even finish him (though neither did Nick Diaz). Rory's stopped who? Mike Guymon? He won an uninspired borefest over Jake Ellenberger. Rory's lone loss came to Condit, exactly the dangerous kind of fighter Robbie Lawler probably has more in common with.
I'm picking Koscheck to out/over right hand Tyron Woodley who's brutal stoppage at the hands of Nate Marquardt showed some elite level deficiencies.
Ali Bagautinov b/c those Russian guys bring a diverse attack to MMA.
Dunham will batter and stop Cerrone who won't shy away from a gun fight and does poorly against aggressive, forward-moving fighters with durability (exactly Dunham).

Thales Leites will catch Ed Herman who can never seem to piece together consistent W's and will over believe his abilities on the ground.
Figueroa will KO Perez.
Ebersole will out plod Rick Story who is a shell of the guy that beat Hendricks awhile back.
Sergio will blast Will Campuzano who is a perfect FOIL for Sergio to look good but have a pretty solidly guaranteed win in his UFC debut.



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