Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Morning/Afternoon Post Judo Tournament Review

Despite the snow days interrupting training, I did Mayfields Judo Open this past Saturday.
I have some nagging injuries, one relatively limiting that affected a good bit of my options on the feet but you can win or learn and I knew I would get more out of competing than going to Open mat like I normally do on a Saturday. Saturday was supposed to be my return to right-handed play in Judo, but an injury has delayed that again. I haven't competed/played right handed since before my ACL surgery.

I took 2nd in the -66kg adult advanced/black belt division.
Threw my first two opponents in the first or second exchange, something like 20 seconds or so apiece if I recall correctly. I threw the first for an uranage still counter to an uchimata or ouchigari. The 2nd match I won with two throws for waza ari in the first few exchanges, finishing with a seionage or seiotoshi.

The final was a tough match with my less than stellar conditioning not being up to par and some missed opportunities on the ground, namely a triangle/armbar locked in but stopped by a stand-up/restart from the referee. On the plus side I managed to hit a deep half sweep and reverse de la riva sweep despite the shorter time on the ground in Judo competition and very nearly pinned him for the win but needed about 5 more seconds of pin time to get the "W".

2 weeks until the next tournament put on by Bushido Judo, then the US Grappling Virginia Beach tournament on March 15th.

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