Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday's MMA Multimedia Mailbag: UFC 170 Underwhelmingly Meh Edition

Well, UFC 170....happened.

I spent the day out 2 hours out of town competing at a Judo tournament in the -66kg black belt division. I took 2nd after a very tough match in the finals. I won the first two rounds of the bracket by Ippon/throw then had a very tough match in the finals against a very tough competitor. I needed 5 more seconds of pin time to win before time expired but he beat me fair and square. My hat off to him. I had some good transitions, locked a triangle and armbar but lost it to a referee restart, the same for a deep set RNC grip, but c'est la vie.

On to the event:

Rousey won a woefully underwhelming fight that leaves me wondering who is really left for her to fight.

Cormier outclassed a guy who clearly looked like a 10 day replacement in a main event of the "NFL of Mixed Martial Arts"

Maia again failed to capitalize with a high level fight right in front of him. I love Demian Maia but his come out and shoot repeatedly from way too far out was ill-advised and looked worse and worse as he tired. He shows up some nights and crushes guys (like Jon Fitch) then other nights....well, you saw Saturday night.

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