Thursday, February 20, 2014

UFC 170 Countdown Special: Rousey vs McMann, Cormier vs Cummins, Maia vs McDonald

I've put them in order of my interest to see the fights. I'm actually buying some of the hype/grudge match angle to see Cormier and Cummins fight. Call me a sucker. Call me an unabashed narrative/MMA fan. Whatever. Cormier has had some great wins to his credit. He won the Strikeforce Grand Prix Champion. Say what you will, at heavyweight, all of those guys on any given night are dangerous. Bigfoot, Kharitonov, Barnett, *ahem* Fedor, Fabricio was kind of the best heavyweight bracket ever likely done in MMA history.

Rory wilted under Robbie Lawler's pressure as I expected and won me a whole boatload of fantasy money. I'm interested to see how Maia handles the longer-framed Rory who has a much more versatile standing attack when he decides to use it. It remains to be seen if Demian Maia can put him on his back and punish him and control him like he did when he out-Fitchd Jon Fitch.

Stylisticlaly, I'm interested to see Ronda face an elite level grappler as the rest of her wins have been over women with simply not the combat sports credentials necessary to have with Rowdy on the mat.


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