Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fashionably Late: Galvao vs DJ Jackson & Galvao vs Leandro Lo - Pan Ams 2014 - Minutes of Your Life You Won't Get Back

Galvao stymied the tree trunk built like Jackson with solid Jiu-Jitsu and guard retention. If you want to see the match, go watch it elsewhere. In my mind, he'll never get any actual press or visibility here unless he returns to the state where his outstanding warrant is and goes through the criminal justice process. On to a video I will like but with the warning that it is relatively boring in the way black belt sport jiu-jitsu matches in the finals can very often be.

Leandro looked...I won't say lost...but stymied or perhaps frustrated at times. Galvao, for his part, much like in the DJ Jackson match mentioned above, was exceedingly patient. You kind of had a feeling by about the 5 minute mark (if not before) this would come down to some advantages.
Visually pleasing? No.
Better than the 5 handshake/coin flip/toss/whatever that decided 5 of the finals of the Pan Ams, one of the most prestigious events of the IBJJF and thus Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sport calendar?
Kinda, sorta, barely, relatively, something like a "yes".

My reality did not meet expectations once I heard Galvao would face Lo in the finals. It was also interesting to see Lo at Middleweight having faced Otavio Sousa in another clearly close match early in the tournament. They had previously faced one another in a very close match at the Copa Podio. Lo seems to have put the weight on well and filled out his frame. Interesting to see him at the Worlds at Middleweight and see how that shakes up the reigning two-time back to back world champion Otavio who looked a bit flat both here at the Pans and at the earlier Abu Dhabi Pro Trials in Montreal.  

Leandro keeps a consistent pace in his matches with pressure whether it be to sweep or pass and Galvao never really entered that zone with Leandro and this seemed to stymie Leandro at points. It was frustrating to see Galvao pull a Bernardo Faria and chill in the over/under position- double under position not really trying to pass and not really overtly stalling....and thus the referees patiently allowing both participants to play the waiting game of attrition.

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