Monday, March 10, 2014

Cinderella Man Walking: UFC 171 Lawler vs Hendricks Countdown Full Video

If you'd told me 2 years ago, Robbie Lawler would not only make his way back to the UFC (believable with the folding of Strikeforce/Elite XC/Whatever), but that he would fight for the belt, I would have told you to put down the TRT and get a CAT scan for your brain. You've been choked unconscious too many times.
At any rate, MMA's own Cinderella Man, Robbie Lawler looks to win the belt against Hendricks who himself had his dance with the belt recently but chose to let it slip by attempting like 4 takedowns in 25 min's of fighting despite having a stellar wrestling pedigree.

In other awesome co-main event news, Tyron Woodley fresh off a devastatingly impressive KO of Koscheck, now faces Condit (who as dangerous as he is has...*ahem* shall we say struggled at times against wrestlers).

I'm very, very excited for this card with two incredibly solid match-ups for the co-main event.

At any rate, enjoy:


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