Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Check's in the Mail: Tuesday's Multimedia Mailbag: UFC 171 - Lombard vs Shields/Sanchez vs Jury

I really thought Lawler had this one in the bag.
Watching it sober, I definitely thought he would get the nod out of the 5 rounds. I'd go back and rewatch it to re-evaluate my decision but as is the case sometimes, it was close, and rounds could have been subjectively scored either way and I'll leave it at that and go on with my life.

Hendricks looked flat across the later rounds in both this fight and GSP's fight. I don't think he has the same aura of danger he did on his run to the title. He did enough to win the fight but honestly, it was not an overly impressive win nor was it some classic snatching of the title despite perhaps being wobbled at one point earlier in the fight.
Hendricks' fabled bomb punch never really seemed overly dangerous of explosive as it has in the past early in the going and Lawler had Hendricks on the back pedal first.

At any rate, enjoy.

Lombard vs Shields: Sanchez vs Jury

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