Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gustaffson Finishes Manuwa/Calls Out Jon Jones - Full Video Highlights

In case you don't have Fight Pass (I'm not hardcore enough of a fan to care), Gustaffson punches his ticket to a rematch with Jon Jones by defeating that guy that had the atrocious fight with Ryan Jimmo back in England I think it was awhile ago.
I had the night off and would have gladly watch the fights out somewhere but alas, Fight Pass is not streamed at venues which show sports/serve food on pleasant NC spring afternoons.

Gustaffson had every right to a rematch after taking Jon Jones to the wire and why he needed a rematch after a win when guys like Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn got them in spades is beyond me, but the rematch with Jon Jones will be gangbusters.


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