Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Michael Liera Jr. - Pan Ams 2014 - Brown Belt - Resurrgence of the Closed Guard?

Early on, he's where he wants to be first with a guard pull to 2 on 1 grip on the his opponents right arm and a DLR hook. Eventually after some threatening from the bottom, he gets to closed guard, nearly hit a waiter sweep/underhook counter to the standing pass threat, then eventually bump/drags the arm across to spin lightning fast to the back when the opponent tries to extricate his arm. What follows is brief back control then a double lapel choke finish that comes on quick.


The next match is more traditional, closed guard action. Liera rather that insist on open guard sweeps reverts to closed guard, again threatens some 2 on 1 grips, and a waiter/underhook sweep counter to the standing pass, and ultimately gets to the back with a flower sweep.
Impressive, again.


The Final of the Pan Ams:
Begins with Liera already on the back and the lapel fed. He hunts for the Ezekiel continually and/or the bow n' arrow choke. He eventually transitions that to a triangle, passes the defense and comes up to mount, then attacks the arm for a vicious series of attacks and flawless looking Jiu-Jitsu.

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