Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Gi Review: Maeda Kaiyo

Some disclaimers before I review any/all Gis: I don't like ripstop as a material on Gis. I dislike it even more as material for pants. Most of the times, if not all, that my fingers have been hurt or sprained or whatever in training it is from gripping ripstop pants. In addition, I don't like the soggy wet t-shirt feel ripstop pants give me during long training sessions. Secondly, I, for the most part, prefer heavier Gi tops. I played Judo for quite awhile before moving into Jiu-Jitsu and other than the dead of summer, I prefer heavier Gi Tops. This dislike for ripstop Gi pants is part of the reason I selected this Gi for purchase, that and the weight of the Gi top.

Those things being said, let's begin.
I bought this Gi HERE for $149.95. At this price, I am very happy thus far with my purchase. The slimmer fit, the weight of the Gi, how it feels in training, I am very happy with it for what I paid. It's not an amazing Gi in terms of the patching or design aesthetic but as a Gi to throw on, stretch out and do competition class early at my gym, it feels great every time I put it on.
Schematics and details:
I'm 5'8/5'9, 145 lbs or so. I wear an A1.
I like the heavier (than ripstop) Gi pants and the reinforced pad that sits mid thigh to mid shin. I also like the extra belt loops. I personally don't like elastic/stretch cords for drawstring (once again, my Judo background bias showing through), but the addition of belt loops and the thickness of the draw string feels appropriate. I've tried some Gis on where the circumference of the drawstring is laughably large.
I've had this Gi for going on two months. I train in it at least once week, normally at competition class, and have yet to notice any tearing or lose stitching. I mention this because I have bought Gis in the past that after the first wash or within a week of training, I've noticed loose threads or portions where the stitching has failed. This Gi, thus far shows no signs of such failures in stitching and/or construction. Of the not super high end Gi's like the Oniwakamaru or 5 Rings Gi I bought by Muae, this is my favorite daily training Gi in terms of fit and feel.

  • 475 GSM Pearl Weave Plus jacket
  • 10 oz drill cotton pants

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