Saturday, May 13, 2017

Quick Picks for UFC 211 Tonight

Poirer by split decision.
   - ugh. I hate this rigamarole back and forth between unified rules or not, frankly it's all kinda unclear to me at this point who gets to make the call, or if there's a conversation with or without instant replay afterward. What fresh hell is this?
David Branch by 1st rd TKO.
  - got the job done in his return to the UFC. Beating a top 10 guy. I won't beat the dead horse of the MMA "media" (pundit would be a better word) community. Not every fight is a thrilling slugfest. That being said, what's with guys just asking the ref to get them off the cage and refs just simply being like, "okay."
Yair by TKO/stoppage.
 - I thought Frankie did not look great against Stephens and on the strength of that I was totally wrong. Frankie battered a supposedly dangerous prospect and literally imposed his will on him.
Maia by 2nd round submission.
 - Maia has to pepper shots on guys so that he doesn't do the equivalent of the lay n' pray of old when guys would just get in the closed guard and put their head on the guys chest and ride out rounds.
Dos Santos by 2nd rd KO.
  - on the strength of how Miocic looked at times against Overeem and how how good Dos Santos looked against Rothwell I had this one wrong. I noticed Dos Santos pulling away from punchest right on the end of them early in the fight and I got nervous AF. A short time later.....curtains. 

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