Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I Dream of Kneebar - Gabriel Arges

I'm always looking for kneebar setups in the Gi as my next belt will be brown and that means toe holds, kneebars, & calf/bicep slicers become legal in the Gi below the waist.

From NoGi I've been spending a lot of time working my transition from the sankaku/leg lace to pull the far leg across and when they defend the near leg kneebar, lace the legs and attack the far leg kneebar.

At any rate, a guy who I've been perusing his matches and set-ups to attack the kneebar is Gabriel Arges. He first came to my attention when he caught the defending world champ, Claudio Calasans early in their match with a beautiful kneebar. He also caught former world champ, Otavio Sousa in similar style at the ACB Gi event/grand prix. Arges begins with inverting to the inside with what looks like a not very quick inversion from the Reverse De La Riva hook, and from the 50/50 kinda backtake threat but not really, he seems to have a lot of bait and traps because in both matches you can see him kinda baiting the guy but all the while he seems to be hyper aware of what to do depending how his opponent reacts. Against Otavio, he posts the far leg away after breaking/peeling the ankle cross apart, and hits the rotation to full knee behind the armpit. Against Claudio he spins/rotates what seems further distance but catches Claudio in an attempted backtake and goes almost belly down on it.


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