Monday, May 29, 2017

IBJJF/USADA Testing & Ban Timeline

March 2013 - IBBJF Begins USADA Testing at the Pan-Ams
Black Belts who medal (10 total) are eligible for testing at the event. Athletes for testing are chosen at random.

Gabi Garcia - March 2014 - Clomiphene - ingested without fault or negligence - loss of results for that event, but no ban from active competition, primarily used by women to treat infertility. USADA accepts her claims.

Braulio Estima - November 2014 - methylhexaneamine - 2 year ban, loss of results. Interesting in that the substance is known to be commonly unlabeled in pre-workout OTC drinks/powders et cetera but Estima still receives a considerably lengthy  (full) ban. Non-steroidal substance by definition but banned substance nonetheless.

Felipa Pena - May 2015 - testosterone cream - 1 year ban, loss of results. USADA accepts his claim that a health care provider instructed him to use it. His ban was announced with 4 days left remaining on what would be his "ban" from competition.

**Breno Faria - athletic advisor - May 2016 - 4 year ban - in his role as adviser to an athlete, provided the testosterone cream to an athlete who tested positive.  (see above).

Leo Noguiera - March 2017 - Clomiphene - 2 year ban, loss of results

-- Clomiphene - among others, what Jon Jones was popped for most recently. Frequently used to kick start the body's Testosterone production (in males) following the use of anabolic steroids.

Paulo Miyao - May 2017 - Clomiphene - 2 year ban, loss of results. Miyao argues that not only does the USADA not have jurisdiction over him, but that in part his test failure is due to the lack of complete translation in the Portuguese version on the IBJJF's website/translation of information for competitors.


Thoughts as of late: The IBJJF's desire to not be a signatory, but rather contract the USADA to conduct testing once per year is simply the effort at a semblance of cleaning up the sport. The brown belts, and I'm sure even purple belts are juiced these days. I suspect, perhaps even more in the Master's divisions which don't even get tested at black belt level. With the notoriety that can come from winning Worlds, to not test more than once per year is like leaving the door open to steroids the vast majority of the training and competitive year. The ADCC doesn't test at all, nor does the UEAJJF. I don't even know what to say but to acknowledge that this means steroids are a current mainstay in our sport. I could pretend like many do that the sport is about time and effort and work ethic, but to think that it's some kind of level playing field with virtually nothing but a once a year test to ensure cheating doesn't occur is simply naive at best and willfully ignorant at best. If this number have been popped with athletes aware of the once per year they might be tested, imagine what would happen if the USADA showed up for out of competition tests a few months after worlds, or midway through the year......

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