Monday, May 1, 2017

Onnit Invitational (135/205ers) This Saturday, May 6th:

As per the eventbrite:

Crelinsten is fresh off his win at ADCC trials on the west coast (where he defeated Ricky Lule among others. There's also a pretty violent shoulder snapping kimura video floating around the internet as well from one of the earlier rounds). Teammate Jon Calestine
I don't really watch a lot of LHW grappling events so I don't know much about the LHW bracket.

"The 135lbs bracket includes: Ricky Lule, Jon Calestine, Ethan Crelinsten, Sheridan Moran, Marcelo Cohen, Manuel Aguilar, Christobal Chavez Davila and John Torres.
The 205lbs bracket includes: Patrick Miller, Ty Orgeron, Shawn Gayton, Kyle Boehm, Tommy McCay, Vince Barbosa, Kalei Talamoni and Alex Skold.
Super Fights
Fabio Prado vs Tom Lawlor
Jose Llanas vs Will Durkee
Cora Sek vs Brandi Saunders
Chris Westfall vs Thiago Macedo
Dave Rickels vs Mike Torres
Jacob Harris vs Grayson Henley
Elisabeth Clay vs Kayla De Leon
Jeffro Mullanex vs Brian Brown"

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