Saturday, June 10, 2017

Rafael Lovato Jr 2nd Bellator Fight Booked

Another BJJ champ making moves in MMA. Lovato has been plying his wares in smaller stages and now begins a slow climb in Bellator. I'm all for guys growing into the game and making strides over time (I'm looking at you Augusto Mendes). Look at how long Demian Maia has been at it, to give you an idea. His protege Rader has also been doing the same and will be interesting to see if/when he transitions to the UFC Bc as it is, I'm wanting some new blood for the flyweights and bantamweight divisions. DJ has beaten (sometimes more than once) and finished most of the available roster and the bantamweights are tied up with Garbrandt injured and Dillashaw and Cruz both offering compelling storylines as contenders. 

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