Tuesday, June 27, 2017

UFC Fight Night 112 Tuesday Morning Hangover

Maybe it's because Bellator's Saturday was awesome and entertaining and had all the high notes of MMA programming....maybe it's because the UFC has such a dearth of programming....or maybe it's both, or maybe it's none and the brass tacks is the UFC's entertainment value for me has waned as of late with the absence of guys like McGregor and the fights the likes of Wonderboy vs Thompson Snoozefest 2, but UFC Fight Night 112 happened. I had to sit through a Herrig fight where her opponent flailed around like a white belt in Jiu-Jitsu and also I didn't realize until the day after her opponent is a legitimate women's Muay Thai world champion (whatever that means, b/c it was hardly smoking aces up her sleeve in the standup department either.

The card just felt ho-hum in every sense of the word. Hendricks missed weight and got TKO'd by the dangerous gatekeeper Tim Boetsch who may not ever get to fight for a belt but is dangerous AF. Some middlweights plodded around in a sloppy kickboxing match. All in all, the card was just forgettable minus the pooping in the women's fight and overall lack of Jiu-Jitsu (if I see one more headlock takedown attempt or failure of an opponent to take the back when her opponent goes for it in women's MMA I may hang myself), or another Clay Guida caveman persona borefest (I sure wish he would use all that energy to like, finish a fight, y'know). The Chiesa vs Lee fight was great while it lasted and his efforts to submit Lee got his guard passed and I blame ring rust, he paused while Lee took his back and didn't address the coming danger as immediately as he should have, with the body triangle locked, Lee did a better job finishing from there than I, or I suspect Chiesa and his camp, would have expected. I don't really care much for Lee overall, and am admittedly a fan of Chiesa's grappling-heavy submission style, but he came back from over a year out and took on a rising contender-prospect-none of those feel right, but I have no reason to think he was gonna escape that RNC the way I saw female fighters fail to capitalize in their fights earlier on the card.

I don't even want to type words about BJ Penn's retirement tour. On that note, if Siver can't finish a man standing in front of him like a zombie who can barely shuffle left or right, he should also pack it in. It was atrocious to watch and just all around blah. 

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