Thursday, June 8, 2017

Who I'm Studying/Feed Your JiuJitsu Mind

I train a lot more NoGi these days, in fact I train NoGi roughly 7-9 sessions per week now and roll in the Gi probably 2-3 or 4 times per week. I've definitely seen my Gi grip-based open guard game suffer as a result but my back control and attacking to finish from the back has increased, c'est la vie, right? There's only so many hours to train and as you have better clarity and precision in your game, you also notice when areas of your game slack off a bit or suffer due diligence and time spent elsewhere. The rabbit hole runs so very, very deep, right?

That being said, with the Worlds having just occurred, I've been watching Musumeci to catch up on the development of his Gi game as he's the most back taking-est competitor in the game today.  Also, myself being/as a practitioner who's spent a lot of time working on making my guard as impassable as possible, I still find myself waging the war of sweeping and submitting off my back but not threatening enough back takes to round out my bottom game. A guy like him who used his impassable guard to get to the back is of particular interest rather than the more traditionally structured game of sweep, pass, improve position.

I'm also studying (as posted before) Gabriel Arges and his bottom game entries to the kneebar for the Gi specifically. I like inverting to attack the kneebar, and it's a current part of my repertoire I'm taking aim at in competition class with the upper belts. 

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