Wednesday, June 7, 2017

UFC Fight Night 110: Lewis vs Hunt - This is Where We Are

These are the fights which I care enough about to discuss and predict:

So, Hunt returns to action against Lewis (who should've lost to Travis Browne after getting dismantled for 2 rounds. It was a pitiful fight to watch and I actually went to sleep assuming it was over before the 3rd round began). Well, fighting is fighting, and Lewis pulled out the win. Anyhow, unless Hunt has truly faded beyond measure, this will be a walk-off KO win for him. Lewis will backpedal once he tastes the pain and Hunt won't make the mistake Travis Browne did.

Derek Brunson vs Dan Kelly - Dan Kelly is that guy who improbably wins after each increasingly improbable win/pulls the rabbit out of the hat. By a slim margin he beat a very poor looking Rashad Evans and has amassed himself a little win streak. Derek Brunson has seen better days and is coming off a loss to Robert Whitaker (now a title shot contender - haha, I laughed once I typed that as I have literally lost count of all the guys promised a title shot by the UFC over the years), and Anderson Silva. I honestly can't pick this one. Daniel Kelly hasn't faced the resume that Derek Brunson has but Brunson's camp in North Carolina doesn't seem to be a hotbed of training partners to compete at the highest levels of the MMA world in its premier organization. 

I'm gonna go with Dan Kelly in this one as he somehow pulled it out against Rashad Evans and has the momentum. 

Ross Pearson vs Dan Hooker - Pearson is on the chopping block. The dude is coming off of 3 straight losses to Will Brooks (who ragdolled him for the most part), Jorge Masvidal (who just had a number one contender fight - is it ever really known to be one though?) and Stevie Ray. Granted, they're not slouches but 3 losses are 3 losses unless you're along the likes of Vitor Belfort or Dan Henderson or Anderson Silva et cetera. I've never seen Dan Hooker fight so I'll go with Ross Pearson as Dan Hooker has alternated wins and losses for his past 6 UFC fights.

Tim Elliott vs Ben Nguyen - Tim made it a fun, spastic affair against Demetrious Johnson. He also made it a great scrap with his fight against Louis Smolka which he won with his grappling and transitions and scrambles. He does enough standing up and swinging and kicking to get fights go the ground and it feels like I'm actually watching mixed martial arts rather than a lot of recent UFC bouts with sloppy kickboxing and a the occasional takedown in the 3rd round in an affair that looks like glorified sparring.
Against Mighty Mouse he kept squirming and transitioning against the champion and made him work the whole time. Ben is 3-1 in his last 4 UFC fights as a whole and this is a tough one for me to call. I'm gonna go with Tim Elliott as what he showed me against Demetrious Johnson counts for more than Nguyen's lengthier UFC resume.

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