Sunday, June 11, 2017

Reebok Athlete pay a joke but no one's laughing.

Mark Hunt in the main event made $10k for his Reebok sponsorship. 
Anyone want to ballpark what he could make without the much touted Reebok deal? Ross Pearson who wasn't even main event made twice what he made. 

It's hard to find a way to invent even the flimsiest rationale that the pay scale is anything worthwhile compared to what fighters used to make. When a legend in the sport is co-main event on Cable TV, and he's making chump change, it's another straw on the pile of ways MMA fighters aren't treated as professionals in the world's premier MMA organization. I guarantee you guys in Bellator can make what UFC guys gets from Reebook with a bit of shopping around. 
Honestly, the only Reebok UFC apparel I see on guys who train are actual current active roster UFC fighters who've dropped in or regularly train at my gym. 

I think I've seen a handful of Reebok UFC apparel items in regular life, and I see a lot of people on a daily basis as I live in NYC. 

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