Wednesday, June 14, 2017

UFC 213 Extended Video Preview: Nunes vs Shevchenko & Whitaker vs Romero

Well, well, well.....the sand of time and the webs we weave....Whitaker faces Romero for the Interim belt because Bisping has skillfully avoided defending his belt against all comes other than an aging non-TRT Dan Henderson.

I think Whitaker is actually the guy best-suited to face Romero. He has the power to hurt Romero, maintains a workrate that will win rounds especially as Romero's fight against Weidman saw him clearly conserving energy to do just enough to win rounds, plain as day. Jacare didn't have the wrestling to get Romero down and didn't have the confidence on the fight as he appeared tentative much of the bout. Bisping wants no part of Romero's physicality and power, and Weidman also didn't have the power to wobble Romero or the wrestling to get him down. Whitaker has the mystery quotient element....the power to tag Romero and hurt him, which I think will allow him to steal valuable early rounds and then go for the kill later in a 5 round fight. I've said this many times: Romero could never fight 5 rounds. The guy can barely fight 2 full rounds anymore. I suspect USADA is to blame, but y'know, it is what it is these days.

I like Shevchenko, and I think a 5 round fight here suits her as well. Her confidence has grown, and she has the striking chops to give Nunes problems. Nunes has the range, but Shevchenko's timing and slipping as evidence by the Holly Holm fight is the real f'ing deal. I'm actually super excited for this card at the beginning of July.

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