Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Eddie Bravo Talks EBI 12 Female Flyweights, Gi BJJ as a Spectator Sport et al

Having fallen asleep during the last 5 Grappling Lightweight Bracket, I can't say I disagree. Some of those match-ups felt less intense than two blue belts rolling for bragging rights in the gym at open mat. ACB with its recent -60/-65kg bracket did have some great match-ups and matches, but I found myself skipping through some 5 min rounds of open-guard and death grips on Gi pants and lapels.

Gi competitors who cry about not making money but spend 5 minutes with a guy tied up in your lapel, I dunno man, is there a middle ground? More and more, I find myself spending passing right on over protracted guard battles with guys spending more time needing to shut down their passing b/c of a lapel feed or likewise grips.

Anyhow, have a listen. Enjoy. Ponder. Consider.

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