Thursday, August 3, 2017

UFC Mexico City Card this weekend:

Despite the lack of big name players, I expect given the location and the dearth of smaller weight class guys a good night of fights. Sam Alvey, Jouban, Rashad Evans, Rani Yahya, and Sergio Pettis facing Brandon Moreno make for a solid outing for a Canle TV card. On one hand I want to complain about the card, but I have been perhaps exceedingly critics of the UFC as of late: despite the absence of McGregor from its cards and Bisping's extended hiatus, overall, the handover to the new ownership has given us some Interim belts which I never thought I'd like but it finally basically makes a number one contender type of queue which was my biggest knock on the UFC for the past several years. The whole so and so is fighting for the title shot was like telling someone the check was in the mail. 

At any rate, if we want guys lined up for the Demetrious Johnson or the Cody Garbrandt, or the whoever, we have to spend some time sorting out the mid tier guys and give them the exposure that can lead to exciting title fights. I for one have allowed obsessing over name recognition to blind me to that truth of combat sports. Part of the fun is and long term fandom is following a guy who comes into the UFC relatively unknown then ascends the throne. 

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