Thursday, August 3, 2017

UFC's Welterweight Division is....Anemic

I didn't realize until I pulled it up: Woodley took the belt from Lawler, beat Maia, Certone just lost, I would rather gouge out my eyes with a spoon than see a third Thompson fight, Masvidal lost to Maia, and what Neil Magny? Colby Covington? Interestingly Ponzinnibion with his stoppage wins on his resume is actually looking pretty good, as Gunnar dropped a stoppage loss to him and Carlos Condit already lost to Woodley via injury but whatever. 

Ouch. Dos Anjos interestingly enough could save the division from snoozer Woodley who now 3 fights in a row has fought on the back foot and no way does RDA let Woodley walk around the cage without outworking him and stalking him down and potentially forcing him to actually do some fighting for more than a round and a half in 5. 

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