Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Graciemag's 10 to Watch at the Mundials (but not Keenan Cornelius)

From over at Graciemag, 10 champions to watch at the Mundials.

Ridiculously, and what has to be on purpose to snub Lloyd Irvin, they leave out Keenan Cornelius. You know, that guy who won the Pan Ams, the Euro, Brazilian Nationals, the World Pro Trials, and armbarred one of the Miyaho's in less than a minute at the Pan Ams (but both the Miyao's made the list).

Weird, the whole list is Brazilian minus Francisco from Ecuador.

It must be hard when the mass exodus of world class teachers has chosen to make America their home.
But Graciemag dropped the ball on this list.
Big time.


  1. Without a doubt, Keenan has proven himself, this year, as the best competing purple belt in the world. How could Gracie Mag, which I genuinely admire and respect for its quality, overlook his wins, his record, and the fact that he defeated everyone? That's a shame, as other than this snub (?) the BJJ world has been very welcoming and gracious to Keen. Thanks though to all the folks who stepped up and pointed out the omission.

  2. Safe Expert - i agree. it was mind blowing. and unfortunately, someone who did what he did this past year, literally trumps the accomplishments of basically....the entire list combined.

    it was either done out of spite for Lloyd Irvin or for some other reason, b/c I can't imagine that it was a simple case of "forgetting" about that guy who, like everyone pointed out won the pans, the euro, the world pro, and the brazilian nationals - at weight and absolute. ridiculous. i don't know that ANYONE has ever done that at all those tournaments in a year before.