Thursday, September 19, 2013

In Case You Woke Up From a Coma: UFC 165 Video Countdown & UFC Divisional Updates

Jon Jones is makin' Anderson Silva type money with Gatorade and posing for GQ.
- world was when I was a kid I'd trawl the Sherdog forums to find out UFC event results then download fights via dial-up while I was at school. Unless the router reset or my brother decided to play Age of Empires before I got home from school. :(

On that note, Jon Jones defends his LHW strap this Saturday.
For awhile there, we complained b/c GSP was fighting once a year. There were a bunch of interim belts et cetera. Honestly, as MMA fans, we have little to complain about this year in MMA.

Cain Velasquez - makes his second title defense for the year in October.
Jon Jones - fighting this Saturday/second defense of the year, had a clearly legitimate injury in his last fight
Chris Weidman - defeated Anderson Silva
GSP - fight in March against Nick Diaz
Anthony Pettis - Just beat Benson Henderson, who had already defended the belt this year previously
Jose Aldo - beat Korean Zombie this year and faced Frankie Edgar earlier in the year
Dominick Cruz - out with injury, Renan Barao defends the Interim belt on Saturday for the second time this year
Demetrious Johnson - second defense of the year already on the books and will rematch Benavidez when Rousey (see below) defends her belt in November.
Ronda Rousey - fought and defended the belt in February, filming TUF will then fight Miesha Tate.

Say what you will about Jon Jones but the guy won the belt then defended it 2x more times in 2011. Defended it twice in 2012.
Now makes his second defense for 2013 on Saturday.

Barao vs Wineland

Schaub vs Mitrione

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