Thursday, September 12, 2013

Adrien Broner Explains MMA to Me: Dunning-Kruger Returns in Force

Well, it's a good thing Adrien Broner was kind enough to explain that I can simply decide to learn submissions and become an MMA world champion. In fact, anyone can do it.
I'm now left knowing that the MMA fights I lost it was b/c I in fact simply did not know certain submissions or perhaps I did not study enough.

In a way, I think he's right in one regard. Boxing is such a narrow sport (compared to the variety of ways to win in MMA), that without certain physical attributes, you will never be a world champion that  that many people could never be a world champion. Speed and reflexes, once faded, (ask Roy Jones Jr.) are simply a necessity in such a specifc ranges of skills that comprise boxing.
I'd also suggest it's quite easier to win one of the 100 something world championship titles in boxing than the smattering of legitimate professional organizations in UFC-style fightin'.

No one get butt hurt but that's how I'm characterizing boxing and the number of skills necessary. I actually fought in Amateur boxing, and boxing was my first real taste of fighting in a sanctioned capacity.

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