Friday, September 20, 2013

Predict the Hangover: Bellator100 /UFC 165 Gambling Picks for This weekend

I'm working tonight at my other job on a rare Friday night (as opposed to just working at my other job Saturday night), so I'll miss both Bellator 100 tonight and the UFC 165 tomorrow night.
It's okay though, I saw a graph in a commercial the other day that told me the economy was improving.
Moving right along, while you're watching MMA on cable TV (remember renting UFC's with the YRV sticker at Blockbuster back in the day?) I'll be watching people drink to excess, do a poor imitation of the mating dance and perhaps fight with strangers or those they care most about all before 2am.

I'm actually interested to see how the Jon Jones/Gustaffson fight plays so much as it will be like watching a cat play with a mouse. It wasn't that long ago that Phil Davis tapped out Gustaffson so I have almost no doubt that Jones will finish Gustaffson. His body bag full of former champs and the meat grinder he was to everyone else on his way to the belt is proof that even if you don't like him or how smarmy and fake he may seem in interviews, his resume speaks for itself.

Bellator Picks:
For some reason I like watching Ben Saunders fight. I have him beating Douglas Lima tonight. Saunders is a smart guy that likes to scrap. I think if he doesn't get carried away with scrapping/being entertaining he wins this fight as he is a durable, long-framed guy with legitimate professional level MMA skills in all the areas but perhaps his takedown defense at times. But I've seen his own takedown game improving over the past few years. Whether that's due to lower opposition outside the UFC and/or his work in those areas remains to be seen.

Weedman will beat some guy I've never seen fight.

War Machine will beat some guy from Europe I've never seen fight.

Rick Hawn will beat some guy I've never heard of.

Efrain Escudero will beat some guy I've never heard of.

Mighty Mo is probably paired up with a guy limited enough in skills to get violently KO'd but stranger things have happened. Remember Mark Hunt's first few fights in the UFC?

UFC 165:
Jon Jones will finish Gustaffson and Gustaffson will plummet to the bottom of his division about as fast as Benson Henderson did with that first round textbook armbar loss.

Barao will beat Wineland b/c Barao just has more tools in his toolbox than Wineland. The movement and in and out will be grinded out by Barao who in the interviews when talking about his gameplan against previous opponents is actually a pretty shrewd guy, or he has shrewd guys in his corner telling him a good gameplan.

Wineland is tough and his movement will make him tough to finish but he will fight until the end and his desire to make it happen even when it can't may get him finished in the later rounds.

Mitrione will TKO Schaub b/c Schaub's 3 losses are exactly in the area where Mitrione has some skills.

I'm picking Healy to lose a close decision to Nurmagomedov but I would not bet money on this fight. Healy has spoiler written all over him and I could easily see him making this exactly the grinding type of fight to pull out the "W". This to me is about as close to a pick 'em fight on the card as I can see.

Phillippou will beat Carmont after taking some punishment against the cage in the clinch. Phillippou will finish him for a TKO win in the 3rd round.

Makdessi and Wonder "No Grapple" Thompson will also pick up wins. The rest of the guys on the card I honestly won't miss or watch.


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