Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Black Belt Guard Passing: Lucas Lepri vs Vitor Oliveira @ IBJJF Atlanta Open

Oliveira first faces Lupri's DLR guard which quickly changes direction and becomes deep half, a quick restart later, Oliveira is forced to jump out/disengage quickly to avoid Lepri's spiderweb of various guards.

At this point Oliveira has underhook the leg, with a knee through position, and also briefly tried a leg lace/leg weave but Lepri's guard is so active, you can tell that Oliveira has not really begun a strong guard pass minues a brief knee through and instant of having the underhook.

At 2:17 he's working a stack/pressure position threatening an over/under style pass or to circle to his left and stack pass, but Lepri adroitly frames/boxes him out the moment Oliveira dove for double under grips.

Lepri fights up to sit-up guard after losing and underhook he briefly had.
Oliveira pressures back into a position you commonly see Augusto Tanquinho Mendes adopt/knee straight in the middle, basically on the groin with the shin.

Lepri lifts with his left shin as Oliveira cuts across with a knee through but likely not enough pressure, allowing Lepri to get to a single leg/stand up.

They struggle a bit on the feet and by 4:44 Lepri has again pulled guard and immediately gone to DLR guard.
Lepri does a quicker version of the sit-up guard to single leg he did previously and again they're on their feet.
By 6:58 Lepri has done an almost identical sit-up guard transition but then spins to x-guard and sweeps after a restart.
Lepri immediately begins applying a ton of pressure to the right leg, rather than address the DLR hook on his own right leg. Lepri is head down, tight and deep in this position.
Lepri again pulls guard after Oliveira makes space and gets to his feet during a knee through position.
At 12:08 Oliveira goes fancy pants and tries some step over, fancy footwork stuff, and ultimately gets some advantages by getting heavy on the legs and running them. I believe he also got points for a takedown as Lepri was pulling guard (not sure though, the refs hand went up).

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