Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Take it Uneasy: Judo Podcast (yes, they exist)

Judo Podcast over at Take it Uneasy.

"In episode 6, I talk to Niko Dax, a judo black belt, instructor, and the most knowledgeable dude on the elite-level judo competition circuit than anyone I’ve met in the judo community. Here are some topics we  talk about: The role of sport judo in growing the art. The top American judoka. The difference between ground work in judo and BJJ. History of judo and  japanese  jujutsu. The  ratio of tachiwaza (standing technique) to newaza (ground techniques). “Crazy” is the best technique in a street fight. New judo rules on leg grabs and gripping. Tamerlan Tmenov striking  fear into the hearts of his opponents. Etc." 

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  1. Haha, they do exist but are damn hard to find, especially on iTunes. I wish there were a lot more!