Friday, March 20, 2015

MMA Betting Man's Picks - UFC Fight Night 62: Maia vs Some Guy/My Next Superfight Booked/EBI 3 Bracket

Let me be frank in saying I do not like betting on the Brazil cards of the UFC. I've been to Brazil (Recife to be exact). I love Brazil.
The problem with Brazil-heavy cards is what they usually have in entertainment value (a lot of stoppages and finishes) they lack in bet-ability. The guys have strange records with a ton of finishes/wins over guys you've never heard of nor can you find footage of and a lot of time it's usually a toss up. Without a lot of footage or even when footage exists, said footage is of them beating up some can.

That being said, on a personal note it's another busy weekend ahead: I work the door downtown Friday night, then ride with my buddy to referee and compete out of town, then back to town to work the door again Saturday night at a different bar, then Sunday I bartend from 630-close.

I'm ill that the Eddie Bravo Invitational starts at 7 something EST but glad that I'll be making money. 

A good friend of mine is in town for the weekend from Maryland, so I'll be at open mat on Sunday to catch up with him.

The following weekend I have a Gi match as entertainment for the masses and Jiu-Jitsu people in the house attending the Bull City Brawl in Durham

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