Sunday, March 1, 2015

This is Why It's Called Gambling (UFC 184: Rousey vs Zingano and I guess some other non-PPV worthy fights)

There's not much of a polite way to put this so I'll just put it like it, in fact, is: the co-main event for a $60 PPV was a woman who was making her UFC debut. Male or female, that's just not acceptable. Selling that as a co-main event even to a purist of the highest hardcore fan/devotee of the sport order is nigh impossible.

Much like paying to see a Tyson in his heyday execution blowout finish in a minute, the card just felt like less than even most of the fight nights or UFC on FOX events I've seen. The other main card fights involved two guys both coming off of 3 losses apiece, and two guys who slugged for less than round who both were coming off of losses (questionable judging or whatever).

It is about impossible to do anything but question the value of such a card when asking for $60.

I've gone 37-29 for picks across the last 6 events with only 2 nights where I took some bad beats. 

In the past 6 events, 4 of them I've picked 60+ % of the fights or more correctly. I took a bad beat (as did most oddsmakers on the Mir/Bigfoot card (10 underdogs won) and went 4-7 on the Silva/Diaz card. Other than that I've had nights where I went 9-3, 9-2, and 8-4 among others.

There's money to be had if you keep an eye on intangibles.

 I felt like Gleison Tibau would be flatter than normal fighting just a month removed from his last appearance and having heard what an insane amount of weight he cuts. I also thought his largely stand-up affair with N. Parke would have him overrate his stand-up skills and a short right hand in mid-range led to the submission loss against T. Ferguson last night. Munoz I believe would be a big gun shy coming off of 3 high profile losses and Carneiro I felt was hungry coming up from the big leagues but minus some of the usual Octagon jitters as he's been in the big show before this go round.

At any rate, I also made money at Draft Kings with all 3 of the contests I entered and I'm up a fair bit from my initially meager investment of $25.

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