Monday, March 2, 2015

Win or Learn & Some Black Belt IBJJF Pan Am Competitor Confirmations

Competed Saturday and lost by clock choke. Haven't seen the footage yet.

I came down with a cold a couple days out and realized by the time the match began I didn't even have the gas tank to fight for the takedown. I had a nice sweep from reverse de la riva, to a guard pass and got to where I wanted to be very quickly and early on (knee on belly/sidemount) but couldn't keep him there. I

He wore me down with pressure guard passing, I gave up the back to buy some time after escaping side mount a couple times, I fired two omoplata attempts, went for the straight arm lock with the omoplata then the wrist but he passed and submitted me shortly thereafter if I remember correctly. I should have been more patient in bad positions but I felt out of place accepting those positions and being patient rather than continually fighting to not concede inferior positions like side mount et cetera.
I felt safe in a position where I shouldn't and paid the price. My hat off to him.

It was a tough day and a bad beat given I personally knew a ton of people in attendance. Key parts of my game (open guard, Reverse De La Riva, guard passing) worked despite being under duress so that's a silver lining if one exists at all.

I was pretty salty (read that: colossally butthurt) about it for the rest of the day, but I got up Sunday morning and headed to Chapel Hill to train at open mat because training was the only thing that would help me start moving past this loss.

I could wax poetic about a loss is only a loss if you don't learn something and I'll make sure to keep a better eye on how I'm feeling a few days out from competing, but Wednesday I felt fine, Thursday evening I felt worse, and by Friday night I could barely breathe. I slept, ate well, drank Pedialyte but sometimes time and/or rest is the only solution.
In the grand scheme of things my ego is more hurt than anything, in particular because I knew a lot of people in attendance.

Peaking at the right time, organizing training around snow days and the gym being closed or traffic's all part of the variables that can maximize or hinder performance.
It's not just training hard because all the good guys train hard.
It's not just eating well because all the good guys eat well.
The right mix, the secret sauce, the-whatever-you-call-it is what I'm still looking for as I continue to grind it out at purple belt.

Win or learn.
Win or learn.

From Graciemag:

"Here are the great names already registered in the black belt division.

Gianni Grippo

JT Torres
AJ Agazarm
Rodrigo Freitas
Rodrigo Caporal

Tanner Rice
Vitor Oliveira
Victor Estima
Sean Roberts

Renato Cardoso
Keenan Cornelius
Murilo Santana
Inacio Neto

Leonardo Nogueira
Eberth Santos
Tim Spriggs
Eliot Kelly

Bernardo Faria

Abraham Marte
João Gabriel Rocha
Alex Trans

Tammi Musumeci
Mackenzie Dern
Angelica Galvão
Fabiana Borges
Yasmine Wilson
Monique Elias
Luiza Monteiro
Dominyka Obelenyte
Tammy Griego
Ana Laura Cordeiro"

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