Friday, May 4, 2012

Ary Farias: In the Shadow of Mountains

He'd pretty much fallen to the wayside in Grappling news, but this piece at Graciemag reminded me this up and coming name in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Here is his background at BJJ Heroes

Ary has bounced around from Fightzone to Checkmat to Atos (most recently).

Being in the same division of Gui Mendes is like being the 2nd best Judoka in Japan in your weight class.
You're probably better than many, many, many other guys in the world. But due to environmental factors beyond your control, you are simply in a division over which presides one of the best players currently competing.

Being a member of Atos and competing in the shadow of names like Mendes parts Rafa and Gui, Galvao, Calasans et cetera is another giant shadow under which one must toil.
He's beaten Malfacine on points which is no small feat for (at the time) a newcomer to Faixa Preta/Black Belt. His more notable titles listed on BJJ Heroes include:
  • 3x European Champion (2009 Purple, 2010 Brown, 2010  Black )
  • 8x World Champion (in the under 16s, Blue, Purple, Brown Belt Div., 2011 black belt – closed bracket with team mate)
  • Brazilian National Champion
  • World No-Gi Champion (Purple Belt Division)

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