Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Caio Terra and Jeff Glover Agree to the Gi

From over at Graciemag HERE, Caio and Glover have agreed to fight in the gi at the upcoming Jiu-Jitsu expo.

Straight from Caio, “Even though I like Gi as much as No-Gi, it makes no sense for me to have a No-Gi match two weeks prior to the IBJJF Worlds. Even though Jeff hasn’t competed in awhile, he understood that it might affect my performance at one or both events and sent me a polite message inviting me to make the change, so we made a deal. As he agreed on competing with the gi, I agreed on having no weight limit. I believe this will make the fight more interesting, as Jeff won’t need to suffer from the cut and a little guy in the absolute is always fun to watch. I think the public was the one who most benefited from this, and as Jeff has told me, we will make this an epic fight, with both of us looking for the submission."


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