Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Father Time Waits for No Man

One of the harshest realities an athlete must face is the slow defeat at the hands of Father Time.
In college I go do wrestling and Judo practice back to back and grind through. Just some water, maybe a Gatorade after dual practice. Go home, eat some chicken and pasta, maybe go out and party, and do it all over again.

A night out nowadays take 2-3 days to feel almost back to 100% but really more lke 4-5 days if I'm being honest and getting back to form in the gym. If my diet is off or god forbid I skip a meal I pay for it that day in training. I can tell when I've eaten bad food the day of training and sometimes even the day before.

From over at MMAJunkie.com, an interview with Ben "Smooth" Henderson.

"When I was in college and wrestling, I would wrestle all day long and not get tired," he said. "I remember wrestling hard for five hours – literally five hours hard – and be just fine. I would eat friggin' Taco Bell, be fine, and wrestle again."

"Older fighters in his gym used to say that time would catch up to him, and all the things that came easy to him as a youngster would be doubly hard at 30. Being a natural study, Henderson tried to cut that moment off at the pass.

"I read articles about guys like Steve Nash, who's 37 and made decisions 10 years ago to take care of his body and eat smart or healthy," he said. "Because of that is why he performs at an all-star level at the age of 38, and the same thing of Grant Hill. Reading that at 24 or 25, I thought, 'Hey, I should probably do that.'"

"I think I'm getting older right now, and it's getting harder for me to lose the weight … and it's harder for me to keep the weight off,"

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