Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday's MMA Multimedia Mailbag/Old School & New School BJJ

Not a super busy weekend in the MMA books.
I guess those of us who complained about "oversaturation" of UFC events are eating some crow right now.
The cancelled event was one of the best things that could've happened taught us all a valuable lesson about ruing too much of a good thing in events. The UFC does need to balance out some of these cards that are virtually non-PPV worthy without the main event in case of injury which is increasingly common these days.

In other News, a stand n' bang-fest-bonanza-face-punching contest has been booked with Pat Barry vs Shane Del Rosario on the TUF Finale.
Speaking of which, here's a recap of the latest episode if you weren't one of the 13 people watching from around the world.

In case you missed it, here we are with a brief Bellator Video Recap I posted the other day:

And a little something to tide you over on Monday morning at work in the cubicle:
Jean Jacques Machado vs Wallid Ismael : )

Whereas, here we have Durinho vs Leandro Lo:

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