Thursday, October 4, 2012

UFC on FX 5: Fantasy Picks

  • Travis Browne vs. Antonio Silva
    Bigfoot Silva has become a big, scary looking guy the UFC brass can count on to take punishment and let guys like Browne or Cain look great against. He doesn't roll over or get dropped early, and he takes a lot of punishment. Browne will likely batter Silva to a convincing 2nd round stoppage.
    Before every fight, Bigfoot tells us how he's finally figured it out, how he's improved, how he's got his head together, whatever. The results in the cage are what they are. It's hard to bet on him based on his past few fights.
  • Jake Ellenberger vs. Jay Hieron
    If Ellenberger doesn't get it back together since he semi surprise early stopped Jake Shields, he may find himself on the outside looking in of the weight class. Jay Hieron after years in the minor leagues needs to come in and do work if he expects to make a splash/impact in this division.
  • John Dodson vs. Jussier Formiga
    I don't like John Dodson. But I think he'll win against a guy I've never heard of.
  • Josh Neer vs. Justin Edwards
    Josh Neer is what they describe as a "veteran" "durable" "scrappy" "tough".
    All words that are synonymous with losing to top flight competition. Josh Neer was recently semi-upset by KO in what I do think was honestly a fluke when compared with his long, long career. However, I think he takes this one with his grinding style which is virtually the only way he knows how to fight: Nick Diaz style-coming forward and pressing forward until he breaks the other guy. Unless the other guy knows how to double leg.
  • Yves Edwards vs. Jeremy Stephens
    Seeing Edwards on the receiving end of a Sam Stout KO (despite Stout's "Hands of Stone" moniker, don't be fooled, it was his first career KO if I'm not mistaken) was shocking. What was more shocking that Edwards catching Oliveira in his next fight out, was dropping his most recent fight to Tony Ferguson. Ferguson may have just caught Yves on an off night, or maybe Ferguson is one of those guys really putting it all together. But he just short of dominated that fight despite some brief flashes by Yves.
    I've got to go with Stephens b/c of how inconsistent Yves has been as he winds down a truly long career in MMA.
  • Danny Castillo vs. Michael Johnson
    Castillo short of getting choked out by Faber and headkicked by Pettis is a tough guy to beat. He's gotten away from his wrestling and powerful top game in favor of a stand-up style as of late. Michael Johnson is a guy that I'm just not drinking the Kool-Aid as of yet.
  • Dennis Hallman vs. Thiago Tavares
    Hallman is the definition of inconsistent. Tavares by TKO in the first or 2nd round.

  • Shane Roller vs. Jacob Volkmann
    Battle of who can be more boring in winning. I say Volkmann sleepwalks his way to victory. 

  • Diego Nunes vs. Bart Palaszewski
    Another battle of inconsistencies as Bartimus looks dazzling at times and others gets caught looking flat. Diego Nunes grinding out a tough lost to Ken-Flo whereas Bartimis has more fights on record.
    This is a big toss up to me, but I'll go with Bartimus since he seemed so resurgent after his last win.
  • Phil Harris vs. Darren Uyenoyama

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