Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What is Ryron and Rener's favorite topic? Themselves.

This will probably be the last Gracie Breakdown I post.
Unsurprisingly, Ryron and Rener have a million awesome things to say about Ryron's stall-fest match with Galvao.
The Gracie Breakdowns usually clock in at 20 min's or less. Because the subject this time is their favorite subject themselves, it takes 52 minutes.

I have been kind enough to provide an abridged summary to save you one hour of your life:
It was everyone's first time in that rule setting.
But everyone else is the best in the world.
Helio Gracie.
That was me, Rener, I was unbiased minus all the talk about how surviving is winning, y'know, that thing Ryron was doing at a Submission Only event.
Surviving is winning.
Train and let yourself be mounted.
Helio Gracie.
Galvao should work more on defending and be like Ryron.
Souza's guard was passed and then he lost. This proves that completely defensive Jits is best.
Helio Gracie.

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