Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sinistro vs Tanquinho - LW Absolute Abu Dhabi Pro Trials Final

One of the coolest parts about the Pro Trials is seeing brown and black belts mix it up.
Not long ago, Rodolfo was a brown belt punching his ticket to the World Pro at Abu Dhabi.\
Looks like Samir Chantre is the one refereeing as well.

Tanquinho tries a leg grab, then settles for pulling half-ish guard.
Tanquinho sweeps shortly thereafter then a scrambly-fast-paced guard passing battle ensues. Scoring some advantages, Tanquinho forces some turn-outs from Sinistro, there's a weird semi-dangerous looking leg lock/knee bar position Tanquinho escapes, threatens the back take, they restart, Sinistro threatens with another leg lock which turns into a sweep, Tanquinho wins by advantages, I believe. The score board is not visible in the film.


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