Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday's Multimedia Mailbag: Arm Attack Weekend/UFC/Metamoris Pro

Study on the effects of Arginine on Grapplers

Lots happened this weekend.
Bonnar got outclassed:

The Metamoris Pro took 4 hours to air 6 Jiu-Jitsu matches.

Otavio got armbarred.
Glover got armbarred.
Ryron survived.
Roger almost got armbarred.
Lister almost got armbarred.
Kayron got kimura'd.

And...I have to finally just call it what it is: Anderson Silva is one of if not the best of all time.

Minotauro reminded us why we love him:
Phil Davis D'Arce'd/Gator Rolled Wagner:
Demian Maia made short work of Rick Story:
Eddie Alvarez showed he's still dangerous:


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