Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tournament Proof Tuesday: Shoulder Throw

Continuing the theme of the shoulder throw, below is none other than Jacare pulling off the shoulder throw several times starting right at 17 seconds. The first one in particular you can see the movement and effort to make the space for the entry.
The other two standing shoulder throws (impressive) he pulls off from a relatively static position (based on how brief the HL is) but still hits them nonetheless.
You'll also notice he hits the cross grip seionage around 21 seconds.

Someone from Judoforum.com would probably want to debate the placement of a hip and the exact distance between two of the feet or whether the leg came up to finish the throw or what to call it with one leg up and the other day. But they're shoulder throws nonetheless.

And a bit more contemporary, here's current Mundial Champion, Rodolfo Vieira hitting several shoulder throws, most of them from a cross grip. Notice how quickly when he misses the first he pops up and then enters again.

I've put together a companion piece for the cross grip for seionage focusing on some more specifics for the entry as we call it in Judo.Coming next week, a piece on practicing the entry for the throw with movement/in a dynamic fashion.

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