Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bernardo Faria vs Buchecha - 2013 Pan Ams Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Bernardo feeds the lapel through the grip, gets to his knees then feet then hits a follow up to his lapel/deep half sweep he normally hits.
Having seen how many high level competitors he uses this grip/lapel against, I have to believe in the efficacy and power/leverage of the grip:

Watch HERE:

To counter, or as a follow-up, Faria will get to both knees/then his feet and hunt for a modified double leg with the lapel grip.

I've seen Faria hit the above sweep and the follow-up you'll see below on everyone from Lovato to DJ Jackson, to countless other black belts, to even now, Buchecha.

Faria pops up HERE with the same lapel through the legs grip and comes up to his feet, beats Buchecha's sprawl, but eventually gets swept and then Buchecha counters the same set up later by hooking under one of Faria's leg.
Still, sweeping Buchecha is no small feat and provides testimony to the power of the grip, position, and technique. EVERYONE knows this is Faria's game, and he still hits it on guys at the elite level.

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