Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Jiu-Jitsu News

Lots going on in the grappling world:
ADCC is going to be in China, whilst there Fabio Gurgel and Ze Mario Sperry will have a superfight, Braulio claims Kron called him a motherf***er at pre-fight press for the GSP/Diaz fight, Pan-Ams are in a few days.

On that note, JT and Keenan have left Lloyd Irvin, Gianni Grippo has left Renzo for Marcelo Garcia

Here's a superb breakdown on the inimitable Neil Adams and how he applies the jujigatame/armbar:

I linked the other III installments, and here's the IVth piece of the 4 week weight cut for IBJJF weigh-ins ala Renato Tavares:

What I've been drilling the past 2 weeks:
Tozi/Sao Paolo/Whatever you call it pass -
and another variation, or I guess the original version I've been incorporating -

And it always helps to watch the best - Gui Mendes with Joel Tudor -

Some more BJJ News/links after the Jump!

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