Friday, March 29, 2013

MMA and Grappling Multimedia Mailbag: Bellator & Guard Passing

Bellator 94 Highlights:

Guard Passing seminar with Rafael Lovato Jr.
Having seeen his guard passing DVD (I'm currently working through the butt flop pass (ala Terere and Jacare as Lovato gives due in the DVD), I was interested to see the material linked on Graciemag.

First up he addresses the butterfly guard, followed by a more trad'l half-guard pass/deep half guard prevention, a high knee/shield type guard he counters with the Terere/leg weave pass with again some deep half-guard prevention in mind:
Since before I competed at the Pan Ams guard passing has been a priority of mine. That being said, for 30 min's, he hits some concise passes to address various positions. Nothing overly complicated, just solid, clearly articulated technique with emphasis on pressure, an oft neglected element of the top game. I'll be reviwing his Pressure Passing System soon as I found it direct, focused, and easy to implement.

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