Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday's Multimedia Mailbag

Given the continuing cascade of allegations and exodus of fighters and BJJ players from Team Lloyd Irvin, I have mixed feelings about posting this, but out of I guess a want to see the matches and not wanting to pretend the grappling and effort put forth by the competitors simply did not take place, I'll link the video:

BJJ Kumite - Final Episode

UFC 158 Extended Preview: GSP vs Nick Diaz

Guard Passing Breakdown of Guilherme Mendes by Science of Skill:

Analysis of Rafa Mendes BJJ game with statistics from 2012-2013 by Bishop BJJ:

And on that note, here is Rafa rolling with Paragon's Bill "the Grill" Cooper:

And for those with the Pans and such coming up, Cutting Weight Part III with Renato Tavares:

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