Sunday, March 10, 2013

Super Secret Deadly Technique of the Week Vol. 2 - Takedown to rolling back take

The name of the takedown in Judo is Kouchimakikomi.
Kouchi meaning inner reaping, makikomi meaning roughly rolling through.
This is not my invention, but something my buddy Joseph Lee (the brown belt in the video) showed me. Joseph, myself and a bunch of other training partners went up to visit Sandhills BJJ in Southern Pines, North Carolina and I was asked to show a takedown. I taught a kouchigake style takedown related to this one picture here that does not expose the back.
Joseph then took the kouchi part of the takedown and added a rolling back take/berimbolo-ish flavor to it using the moment of the takedown.

Again, I did not come up with this, rather, Joseph Lee showed this to me.

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