Tuesday, March 19, 2013

World Series of Fighting 2: Video Preview - Arlovski vs (C)Rumble

In case you aren't and want to be excited for whatever reason, Andrei Arlovski former wanna be pro boxer/UFC HW champion first fiddle to Tim Sylvia's sloppy seconds having of Arlovski's former girlfriend vs Anthony I can't make weight or win when it counts especially if I'm not fighting a guy I outweigh by 30 lbs or more Johnson, this video might make you think it will be a good fight as long as it lasts sorta like the UFC did with making you want to believe GSP wouldn't just do enough to win positionally but would actually stomp Diaz for all the trash talk.
Arlovski in subtitles does drop knowledge about the bad influences that come with winning the belt and the sycophants what will tell you that you're the best, that you don't need to train, that you'll be on top forever.

I can only imagine Arlovski with guys like Travis Browne has and the coaching staff and Jon Jones has improved notably over his previous camps.
It's clear who WSOF is banking on, as (C)Rumble gets like 4 min's of video facetime if that, and Arlovski clocks in at around 11 or 12 minutes of the total. I'm interested to see if (C)Rumble with guys like Tyrone Spong and the Blackzilians can move up to HW and be as formidable.

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