Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Questions before the 2013 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Pan-Ams

1st, good luck to teammates competing under Team Royce Gracie and personal training partners from Forged Fitness. 

Quick Questions before the Pan Ams - 

Who will take the featherweight crown? 
With guys like Augusto Tanquinho Mendes, "Rubens Cobrinha, Rafael Mendes, Mario Reis ...Wellington Megaton...Isque Paiva, Kim Terra, Osvaldo Moizinho, Italo Lins, Ed Ramos, and Samir Chantre.
Gianni moves to Marcelo -

JT and Keenan to Atos - Acquisition of more guys to win major points in big belt/level divisions. They won't have the depth in numbers of competitors as do Alliance or Gracie Barra, but wow.

The Middleweight Division -
Otavio Sousa vs Kron? Otavio's division houses "Leandro Lo, Kayron Gracie, DJ Jackson, Clark Gracie, Rafael Formiga, Vitor Henrique, Lucas Rocha, Marcelo Mafra" this year  in what will be an absurdly stacked division to be sure. He's also world champion but coming off high profile losses at the Metamoris Pro and the IBJJF Pro League. We'll see if the return to points/format/time limits not as short and not unlimited will have him atop the podium again.

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