Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Technique (Tues)Day: What I'm Working On In the Gym

I've been devoting another day or two a week to drilling rather than live rolling. Other than in class when mandated by structured class time/my coaches I've never been one much to drill, which I realized is ridiculous considering how much time I've spent in Judo drilling gripping and throwing combinations.

That being said, the following moves have been personal assignments in both drilling and rolling:

Kurt Osiander's DLR sweep from his move of the week series:

Bernardo Faria's sweep he hits time and time again:

And here I am hitting the Faria sweep then after a quick reset hitting the Osiander/DLR sweep:

And the Brabo choke:

Hitting my other homework assignment, the Brabo:

AND another Brabo off of a windmill sweep:


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