Friday, October 18, 2013

ADCC Brackets Released & Predictions/Prognostications

Under 66kg - I see Rafa facing Rico Vieira in the semifinal and winning, and facing either Cobrinha or Mendes. I think Mendes will pull it out over Cobrinha. In the final, I'll put my money on Rafa as Tanquinho's eyes long for the land of MMA and this is his swan song to grappling competition as he moves his focus full-time to MMA.

Kron has a relatively easy side of the bracket as I don't see Tonon or JT as a legitimate threat to him. Leo Vieira will also roll through either AJ or DJ, but Otavio Sousa will beat Leo Noguiera and that will be a tough bout. I'll give it up to Leo to pull it out via experience. I think Kron faces Leo in the final but comes up short.


Pablo Popovitch will beat Avellan en route to the finals. Lovato will lose to Popovitch' wrestling-centric pressure attack/takedown style. Calasans will face Clark who I think will beat Keenan in his ADCC debut. Barral will beat Leite but lose to Claudio who I think will implement his athleticism and takedowns and smart game plan over Clark Gracie. I'll pick Popovitch to out beast mode Calasans b/c they don't test for steroids or PED's in the ADCC. But the weight cut may more drastically affect Popovitch, but his bracket is easier so I'll still go with Popovitch to win it.

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